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5 Winning Workouts to Stay Healthy and Fit in your Car

The art of staying fit and healthy is all about doing the little things. We at Carspring wanted to share with you fit and health conscious people at Kettlebellworkoutz some tips to keep in mind next time you take you car out for a drive.

Studies show driving as little as 15mins per day can have consequences for your long-term health. These quick and easy stretches can help prevent injuries and tension – especially around the shoulders, back and neck. Perfect for the daily driver.



  1. Breathing techniques: Start off with taking deep breaths all the way from your belly, avoid raising your shoulders when inhaling. Fill your lungs from the bottom to the top and then exhale from bottom to top. Do this before driving, making sure to sit in silence. And, if you’ve got kids, why not get them to join in too?
  2. Chin moves: Instead of stressing when you’re at a red light, take a short moment to exhale and turn your head towards your right shoulder, keeping your body and hands at rest. Hold a few seconds and then swing over to your left shoulder. Repeat a few times, be sure not to push yourself too hard.
  3. Bottom contractions: This sounds a bit strange. But it’s actually a really important exercise. Contract your bottom muscles, from your hips all the way to your thighs. Hold the contraction for 10-15 seconds and slowly release. Do not forget to keep the deep breathing going at the same time to enhance circulation.
  4. Tummy workout: Slowly contract muscles below ribs, hold for 10-15 seconds and release slowly. Remember to coordinate with breathing and repeat as many times as you can bear.
  5. Arm stretch: Place your right arm behind your head rest and slowly pull your elbow back and forth. Repeat on both sides before, during red lights or after a drive.
Kettlebell Training

The Kettlebell Workout And Its Benefits

Kettlebell refers to the cast iron weight. It is considered as one of the most effective workout accessories. The cast iron can have different weight. For workout purposes, trainers use weight between five to hundred pounds.

Kettlebell Workout

The concept of using Kettlebell in workouts to reduce fats and to develop muscles was first developed and practiced in Russia. The concept was later brought to USA where it received high interest and popularity by health concerned people. As compared with all other forms of workout, the Kettlebell workout is found to have multiple effects including balance, strength, agility and different forms of endurance. For many people Kettlebell workout stood as an effective, efficient, bit challenging workout with its simplicity of performance, and practice with single equipment involvement.